# /usr/bin/irssi -!
# $2600net: chanserv.txt,v0.5 2015/07/18 16:57 ADS Exp $

[16:54] -!- Irssi: Starting query in 2600net with hostserv
[16:54]  /msg hostserv help
[16:54] -Notice- {from HostServ} HostServ commands:
[16:54] -Notice- {from HostServ}     GROUP          Syncs the vhost for all 
         nicks in a group
[16:54] -Notice- {from HostServ}     HELP           Displays this list and 
         give information about commands
[16:54] -Notice- {from HostServ}     OFF            Deactivates your assigned vhost
[16:54] -Notice- {from HostServ}     ON             Activates your assigned vhost
[16:54] -Notice- {from HostServ}     REQUEST        Request a vHost for your nick