# /usr/bin/irssi -!
# $2600net: modes.txt,v0.1 2015/07/18 15:04 ADS Exp $

[18:54]  Welcome to the 2600net Internet Relay Chat Network rodent
[18:54]  Your host is irc.scuttled.net[x.x.x.x/6697], running version 
[18:54]  This server was created Apr  6 2015 at 21:23:18
[18:54]  irc.scuttled.net hybrid-8.2.7 
           DFGHRSWabcdefgijklnopqrsuwxy bchiklmnoprstveCIMORS bkloveIh
           NETWORK=2600net MAXLIST=beI:100 MAXTARGETS=4 
           :are supported by this server
           SAFELIST WATCH=30 :are supported by this server

Supported User modes, Channel modes: 

User Modes:

+a - admin        - Admin status. Can for example see IP addresses in "STATS c"
+b - bots         - See bot and drone flooding notices
+c - cconn        - Client connection/quit notices
+D - deaf         - Don't receive channel messages
+d - debug        - See debugging notices
+e - external     - See remote server connection and split notices
+f - full         - See auth {} block full notices
+F - farconnect   - See remote client connection/quit notices
+G - softcallerid - Server Side Ignore for users not on your channels
+g - callerid     - Server Side Ignore (see modeg.txt)
+H - hidden       - Hides operator status to other users
+i - invisible    - Not shown in NAMES or WHO unless you share a channel
+j - rej          - See rejected client notices
+k - skill        - See server generated KILL messages
+l - locops       - See LOCOPS messages
+n - nchange      - See client nick changes
+o - oper         - IRC operator status
+p - hidechans    - Hides channel list in WHOIS
+q - hideidle     - Hides idle and signon time in WHOIS
+r - registered   - User has been registered and identified for its nick.
                    This mode can be set by servers and services only.
+R - regonly      - Only registered clients may message you
+s - servnotice   - See general server notices
+S - ssl          - Client is connected via SSL/TLS
+u - unauth       - See unauthorized client notices
+w - wallop       - See server generated WALLOPS
+W - webirc       - User is connected using a webirc gateway
+x - hiddenhost   - User's host has been spoofed by services.
                    This mode can be set by servers and services only.
+y - spy          - See ADMIN, LINKS, MOTD, STATS, TRACE notices

Channel Modes:

+b - ban          - Channel ban on nick!user@host
+c - noctrls      - Prevent users from sending messages containing control codes to the channel
+C - noctcps      - Prevent users from sending CTCPs to the channel
+e - exempt       - Exemption from bans
+h - halfop       - Half-Op status
+I - invex        - Invite exceptions, nick!user@host does not need to be
                    explicitly INVITE'd into the channel before being able
+i - invite       - Invite only
+k - key          - Key/password for the channel
+l - limit        - Limit the number of users in a channel
+m - moderated    - Users without +v/h/o cannot send text to the channel
+M - modreg       - Unregistered/unidentified clients cannot send text to the channel
+n - noexternal   - Users must be in the channel to send text to it
+o - chanop       - Full operator status
+O - operonly     - This mode will prevent anyone who hasn't obtained IRC operator
                    status from joining the channel. Can only be set by an IRC operator
+p - private      - Private is obsolete, this now restricts KNOCK, and can be
                    set at the same time as +s.
+r - registered   - Channel has been registered
+R - regonly      - Only registered clients may join a channel with that mode set
+s - secret       - The channel does not show up on NAMES or LIST or in the
                    WHOIS channel list unless you are a member of the channel
+S - sslonly      - This mode will prevent anyone who isn't securely connected
                    via SSL/TLS from joining the channel.
+t - topic        - Only chanops and halfops can change the topic
+v - voice        - Can speak in a moderated channel, and is exempt from flood