# /usr/bin/irssi -!
# $2600net: ssl.txt,v0.5 2016/02/04 13:33 ADS Exp $

[13:33]@r0d3nt the ssl ports are standard 6697, also we do 9999, there seems
              to be two port defaults for ssl. For irssi and xchat/hexchat:

              irssi use /server -SSL [server] [port]
              xchat/hexchat use /sslserver [server] [port]

Expect the following certificate from GoDaddy @ https://scuttled.net

   SHA1: 70 1D AF 92 EB 5B A3 F7 E3 2E 4D 06 EE 85 D9 B9 1B 22 B5 EB

Expect the following certificate from Comodo @ *.scuttled.net & *.2600.net

New 2017 Certificate:
SHA-256: 06:46:96:89:C7:FD:D5:B5:E4:67:55:15:4D:A3:32:AA:

Expired 2016 Certificate:
SHA-256: c4:73:ac:b7:1c:08:44:e4:48:f7:92:e8:b0:5b:9f:a3: